My Ramadan Journey: Day 29


Wednesday 7th August 2013 As I waited for news about wether it was Eid tomorrow or whether we had another blessed day of fasting… another day to hold onto the spiritual high and peace, that is only felt during Ramadan; I contemplate the days gone by like a cool breeze on a hot summers day… […]

My Ramadan Journey: Day 28 (Finish Strong)


Depending on what part of the world you are in, you have anywhere from 1-3 days left of Ramadan. Many of us have regrets that we didn’t make the most of it. We may have had nights where we didn’t wake up for Qiyam, days in which we didn’t control our tongues properly, or spans […]

My Ramadan Journey: Day 27


The worst type of love is unrequited love: when you love somebody and they don’t love you – there is nothing worst than that in the world, unrequited love. And obviously the worst type of unrequited love is with God, because we want the Love of God. ~ Shaykh Hamza Yusuf. “Allahumma inni asaluka hubbak(a), […]

My Ramadan Journey: Day 26


“Let those who have failed to make the most of this month (Ramadan) end it with good, because actions are (judged) by their endings.” – Ibn Rajab So tonight brings us to the 27th night of Ramadan. I’m feeling nostalgic and was thinking back to my days before I got married and after I just […]

My Ramadan Journey: Day 25


Z is 4 today. Masha Allah! How time flies… What a beautiful adventure we are on together, my precious boy. My wholehearted prayer for you is that you will be of those who “Recite what is sent of the book (Quran) by revelation to you and establish regular prayer” (Quran, chapter 29, verse 45) I […]

My Ramadan Journey: Day 23


I went shopping for few things for Eid this morning with my sister and her two young children… And my mischievous toddler. …. Still recovering from the trauma. Moral: do not go shopping with young children while you are fasting AND you have been up till dawn the previous night! Ramadan Reflection: Allah said to […]

My Ramadan Journey: Day 22


Tonight we enter into the 23rd night of Ramadan, we try to maximise in our good deeds and worship as if it is The Night of Power because we know these deeds could be equivalent to more than 1000 months of worship inshaa’Allah. Ramadan Reflection: Remembering Allah Mu`adh Ibn Jabal (RA) said that the Prophet […]

My Ramadan Journey: Day 21


(Images courtesy of Emz Iqbal, Luxury Arts: Heavens Islamic Words) I received the following today via Whatsapp. I thought I’d share it here. To be honest I haven’t really thought about my intention when I read the Quran. This got me thinking and Insha Allah when I open the Quran now I will do so […]

My Ramadan Journey: Day 20


Allahumma innaka ‘afuwwun tuhibbul ‘afwa fa’fu ‘annee. “O Allah You are The One Who pardons greatly, and loves to pardon, so pardon me.” So tonight is the first odd night. It’s hard to believe that Ramadan is heading down the final homestretch. The last few days of Ramadan are upon us, as Muslims from all […]

My Ramadan Journey: Day 18 & 19


Aaaaand …..we have reached the last 10 nights of Ramadan ( that.was. Super. FAST) And…I missed today’s fast as well as yesterday’s. Every Ramadan I’m guaranteed to miss at least 5-7 days of fasting which has to be made up. Many mothers struggle to make up dozens -if not near about 100- of fasts missed […]

My Ramadan Journey: Day 16 & 17


There are many times as a mother we feel we are not doing enough during Ramadan, the following came up on my newsfeed which really put everything into perspective and really, I could not have expressed it so eloquently: Many of us feel inadequate this Ramadan. Long hours of fasting with short nights makes it […]

My Ramadan Journey: Day 15


Wow! Day 15… Where has the days gone? we have reached the second half of Ramadan already! Reflecting on my fast and Ramadan goals so far… It has been an up hill struggle specially with my toddler. Although I had initially set out to read Quran and complete it by end of this blessed month, […]

My Ramadan Journey: Day 13 & 14


The following is my all time fave Duaa (supplication) I say it often, even more so after giving birth to my chaotic boys: O God, You are the source of all Peace and from You emanates all peace, all blessings belong to you. You are the Majestic and the Most Honourable. This Duaa or supplication […]

My Ramadan Journey: Day 12


Motherhood is a blessing which has been given to us by Allah. It’s full of ups and downs, tears and laughs. At times tiring, other times energising. Let’s face it, being a mother is not easy… Specially during Ramadan, when all you want to do is a bow down to extra prayers, read at least […]

My Ramadan Journey: Day 11


I hope I have the right day, I’ve kind of lost track of the days! They are so long, that there’s little recovery time or time to rest. But I am loving it all the same, because it really is all about willpower and our relationship with Allah. Despite the fatigue that comes with looking […]

My Ramadan Journey: Day 10


Ramadan Reflection: Be hopeful and positive An incident happened today which made me see that we should never do things in haste. Because if we do, we are not always ready for the consequences that follow. Also In dealing with difficulties, lets always see a meaning or a lesson that we can take away with […]

My Ramadan Journey: Day 8 & 9


I was so shattered yesterday, I just did not have the energy to write. I think I was pretty much dehydrated along with only 2 hours sleep I did everything in what seemed like slow motion. My limbs really were not carrying me very fast yesterday. I think the only thing that got me through […]

My Ramadan Journey : Day 7


Wow! Day 7 already! The hardest thing for me today was dealing with a fiery toddler and his constant tantrums and maintaining composure… Mega fail! When fasting, it’s important to remember that it is not only the intake of food that should be monitored. All our senses must be guarded as well. Specially the tongue. […]

My Ramadan Journey: Day 6


Sleep deprivation. There have been many, many days where I thought, “This would all be so much easier if I weren’t so TIRED.” I’m sure most mothers relate to sleepless nights. We even become almost obsessed with the idea of sleep. The fact is that we need sleep to be able to carry out our […]

My Ramadan Journey: Day 5


After yesterday’s mishap I was determined to wake up for Suhoor, so with a little help from the hubby I did wake up and made it to Fajr too! There is something peaceful about waking up early dawn to perform Fajr (dawn prayer). It just feels so right in waking up and giving thanks to […]