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One of the most common questions asked, after the dreaded S word (what about the Socialisation?!) is how do you manage the cooking and housework when homeschooling?   The majority of the mamas have the same concerns; the cooking and keeping up with the chores at home.  Shopping  With regards to shopping, I do a […]

Parenting is a Life Sentence

parenting is a life sentence

Being a parent is a life sentence, from the day your child is born until you leave this earth, you will NEVER BE FREE again! You are granted no reprieve when your child leaves home. You will worry about their future as long as you live, no matter how far away they are, physically or emotionally. […]

Raising toddler boys: How to rise to the challenge


Walk in to any childcare centre, playgroup or mother’s group meeting and you will immediately see the difference between toddler boys and girls. The girls can mostly be found sitting quietly, carefully flicking through a picture book, wrapping a baby doll carefully in a blanket or creating their latest masterpiece with a packet of crayons. […]