What a Child Really Needs From You


“Time, indeed, is a sacred gift, and each day is a little life.” When I see my children smile, hear them laugh, and feel their hugs, the most wonderful thought warms my heart: These precious moments spent with my children are priceless. And even when tempers flare, tears fall, and innocent emotions run wild, I […]

Dear Humans…


Came across this wonderful quote via A Muslimah Writes

The Butterfly Mosque: A Young Women’s Journey to Love and Islam


“The Butterfly Mosque,” a memoir by part-time Seattleite G. Willow Wilson, who writes the story of her decision to convert to Islam, her move to Cairo and her falling in love and marriage to a young Egyptian teacher. Here is a quick summary of her book. “In college, Wilson (who today divides her time between […]