Random thoughts: my 4 year old starting school

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September is the month of new school uniform, sharpened pencils, and melancholy that the long summer holidays are over for another year.

With my son starting his first year of school tomorrow I’m feeling extra nostalgic and anxious all at once.

It seems no time at all since my daughter’s (14) very first day, when she was a small girl with short hair, a uniform that was far too big for her and a wide nervous grin.

My son Z’s birthday was in August and he will be exactly four years and one month old when he begins his journey in school.

As a primary school teacher I have been saying this for years; that children start school too young here. I have also seen that school is especially difficult for boys between the ages of four and six (top reason for my anxiety). They hate sitting still for long stretches, and would far rather be charging around the playground. I always made sure my lot get plenty of time outside. Even on rainy days on goes my coat and everyone goes outside for 20 minutes to run off steam.

Early years education is changing here in England… It is more play based but we still have a long way to catch up with places like Denmark.

Z is a very energetic boy and does not like sitting still for very long stretches… I hope that he’s needs are met.

Best wishes and thoughts to all the Mamas feeling anxious on their children’s first day at school!

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