Forty is a special age.It’s the quintessential age of mid-life. Your 40th birthday is a watershed moment, and for good reason: you are not young, and you are not yet old. In the span of a normal human life, it’s sort of a halfway point. They don’t call it “middle-aged” for nothing. When I […]

Practical Homeschooling AdviceNon-Education Related!


One of the most common questions asked, after the dreaded S word (what about the Socialisation?!) is how do you manage the cooking and housework when homeschooling?   The majority of the mamas have the same concerns; the cooking and keeping up with the chores at home.  Shopping  With regards to shopping, I do a […]

A Mother’s Journey


  For those who are fortunate enough to still be blessed by having your mother with you, this is beautiful… For those who aren’t…it is even more beautiful.     The young mother set her foot on the path of life. “Is this the long way?” asked the young mother as she set her foot […]

What a Child Really Needs From You


“Time, indeed, is a sacred gift, and each day is a little life.” When I see my children smile, hear them laugh, and feel their hugs, the most wonderful thought warms my heart: These precious moments spent with my children are priceless. And even when tempers flare, tears fall, and innocent emotions run wild, I […]

5 things happy people simply don’t have the time for…


One of the most sought-after forms of wealth in the world today, isn’t gold or oil or diamonds or property. It’s inner-peace & true happiness. Innately this is what we all crave. Universal Principle: When you begin to focus on acquiring and nurturing inner-peace, your life takes on more meaning, it becomes more fulfilling, it […]

Deciding to Love Your Life


One of the mysterious gifts of this life is that my Joy does not depend on my circumstances. Regardless of how bad my life may be, endless Joy is available all the same. I just have to choose it. Even more paradoxically, it’s in the embracing of suffering where we find the strength to live […]

This Day in History…


Malcolm X, otherwise known as al-Hajj Malik al-Shabazz, was shot dead on February 21, 1965 while giving a speech the Organization of Afro-American Unity in Manhattan’s Audubon Ballroom, New York, after some commotion broke out in the conference hall. Today marks the 49th year since the assassination of Malcolm X, may God have mercy upon […]

Random thoughts: my 4 year old starting school


September is the month of new school uniform, sharpened pencils, and melancholy that the long summer holidays are over for another year. With my son starting his first year of school tomorrow I’m feeling extra nostalgic and anxious all at once. It seems no time at all since my daughter’s (14) very first day, when […]

Behind Every Great Kid…


” Behind Every Great Kid is a Mom Who’s Pretty Sure She’s Messing it Up” I came across this little saying on Pinterest and thought how so very, very true this is. There is no parenting 101 guide out there that will tell you exactly how to raise your child. Of course there are tons […]

Self Reflection – I love my children


I found this in amongst my many notes I keep on my phone, but I cannot remember who wrote. I wanted to share it as I love this mother’s positive affirmation of parenting: I am glad I am a parent. Being a parent brings wonderful and rewarding experiences. I cherish each of my children because […]

Things happen for a reason


Sometimes people come into your life and you know right away that they were meant to be there, to serve some sort of purpose, teach you a lesson, or to help you figure out who you are or who you want to become. You never know who these people may be. Possibly your roommate or […]

Mother’s Favorite Quotes from Children’s Books


I have always loved picture books, as a child and even now as an adult. Children’s picture books have a special place in my heart. I love everything about them, from the illustrations to the narratives. Some children’s books are so poignant, so touching, that they stay with you. And not just for kids, but […]

The Single Muslim Mother’s Game Plan


Being a first time mother is no joke. So being a first time Single Mother is no laughing matter at all. And being a Single Muslim Mother is way beyond perceivable ( to some). Take it from me: At 23 the world came crushing down on me when my baby was three weeks old and […]

Mother’s Monday Morning Motivation


Working through frustration Frustration can result from not making progress as fast as you’d like. At times like that, it’s important to monitor your success, even if it’s only in very small things. Accomplishment will make you feel good about yourself. When you’re frustrated with the way things are, it can be tempting to give […]

Mother’s Monday Morning Motivation


Happy Monday I was thinking about positive thoughts and the impact it has on ourselves in getting things done or being successful in our personal goals. Here’s a few things I came across that may help you stay positive: Move your mind forward ~Ralph Marston Whatever you dwell upon in your mind, you give power […]

Mama’s Top 10 Tips for You: Week 2


DIY Calming & Refreshing Chamomile Toner I think toners are one of the easiest beauty DIY projects to take on. They are often quick and simple but just as effective as shop brought ones. Personally when I’m looking for toners to buy i like to pick ones which have the least amount of ingredients and […]

Mother’s Monday Morning Motivation


Get things done Today is a day to get things done. Today is a day to make real progress. Don’t waste your time wishing for what might have been. Get up, get going and make the very best of what now can be. Don’t get angry or frustrated about the way things are. Get to […]

Mama’s Top 10 Tips for You


Welcome to our first Guest post of ‘ ‘Mamas Top 10 Tips for You’ by Ayan Mohamed From Beauty Wednesday. Week 1: Cleansers Cleansers often need to be multipurpose and work effectively and efficiently without leaving our skin dry and feeling taught. I love making cleansers with natural ingredients as part of my daily skincare […]

Mother’s Monday Morning Motivation


Good morning! Peace and blessings to all. Another new day, another week. It’s important to start our week in a positive light and everything else will follow suit. Here is some great ways to kick start our week: Start your day by seeking your Lords blessings through your righteous deeds: 1. Read one page of […]

A Muslimah’s Divorce Dilemma


DIVORCE. It’s another one of those topics people don’t like to discuss. Specially if you are a Muslim and even more so if you are an Asian. But like other taboo issues, not talking about it doesn’t mean it does not exist within this community. “Your wives are a garment for you, and you are […]