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One of the most common questions asked, after the dreaded S word (what about the Socialisation?!) is how do you manage the cooking and housework when homeschooling?   The majority of the mamas have the same concerns; the cooking and keeping up with the chores at home.  Shopping  With regards to shopping, I do a […]

So you want to HomeSchool?


   Where do I start? What do I do? What do I need? Is it going to be expensive? These are some of the questions everyone asks.   First thins first, do your children attend school? If so, you have to de-register by writing a de-registration letter to the school. Once the school receives your letter you […]

Behind Every Great Kid…


” Behind Every Great Kid is a Mom Who’s Pretty Sure She’s Messing it Up” I came across this little saying on Pinterest and thought how so very, very true this is. There is no parenting 101 guide out there that will tell you exactly how to raise your child. Of course there are tons […]

10 Simple Ways to Teach Your Child to Read: Week 3


Books to the ceiling. Books to the sky. My pile of books is a mile high. How I love them! How I need them! I’ll have a long beard by the time I read them. ~ Arnold Lobel Week 3 Be a Reading Role Model The best role models are in the home and includes […]

Tackling Distress Tantrums with Brain Research


The following article is an excerpt from the excellent book, The incredible effects of Love, Nurture and Play on your child’s development  (original title The Science of Parenting: How today’s brain research can help you raise happy, emotionally balanced children)  by Margot Sunderland   The RAGE, FEAR, and SEPARATION distress systems are already set up at […]

25 Things to do with a Wiggly Toddler Boy (other than get frustrated)


I found this list through another mum, I’m so glad I came across it. If you have boys specially, who are extremely ‘wiggly’ this is a good list to have at hand.This is such a great list and a great reminder of how important it is to play with your kids, also the list illustrates more importantly […]

Book review: Reclaim Your Heart

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Yasmin Mogahed holds a very special place in my heart, as I’m sure she does for thousands of Muslims around the world. If you’ve ever attended her lectures or listened to her talks on, you will be familiar with how humble, gracious and affecting her words can be. Her recently published book, Reclaim Your […]

Teaching Toddlers To Share – 5 Tips For Beating Possessiveness

Does this describe your toddler?

      Teaching toddlers to share is no easy task! Take it from a mother of three. ‘mine!’ is pretty much one of their favourite words at this age! experience will tell you that it does help to understand the reason behind their reluctance to share can help you deal with things. I have […]

The Blessings in Your Child’s Milestones


I was observing my youngest boy (my baby) the other day. He has just turned a year old. I was watching him as he climbed up the stairs with his dad to his brother’s room then back to the stairs. Hesitating, he stopped at the edge (daddy in front of him). With a little help […]

10 ways to help your toddler settle into nursery


Yes… It’s that time of year…my second child has started nursery. Although I have been through this ‘first’ with my older child I still felt anxious and quite emotional. As a mother of three children I can safely say that every ‘firsts’ that you have with your child is sure to be a nervous and […]