Practical Homeschooling AdviceNon-Education Related!


One of the most common questions asked, after the dreaded S word (what about the Socialisation?!) is how do you manage the cooking and housework when homeschooling?   The majority of the mamas have the same concerns; the cooking and keeping up with the chores at home.  Shopping  With regards to shopping, I do a […]

So you want to HomeSchool?


   Where do I start? What do I do? What do I need? Is it going to be expensive? These are some of the questions everyone asks.   First thins first, do your children attend school? If so, you have to de-register by writing a de-registration letter to the school. Once the school receives your letter you […]

Bubble Wrap Fun!


This post is inspired by my two boys Yesterday we luckily came across a whole roll of bubble wrap. Can you imagine the boys delight ( ehem…maybe mine as well ) If your kids are like mine, they love popping bubble wrap. But there are lots of other great things you and the kids can […]

101 Things To Do With Your Toddler


One of my goals while my children are still very young is to play with them as much as possible. Here are some stuff I wish to do- or at least will try as many as possible 101 Things To Do With Your Toddler Color Blow Bubbles Play Hide-and-Seek Peek-a-Boo Play Chase Do Finger-plays Sing […]