Book Review: My Special Angels The Two Noble Scribes

My Special Angels

“Beside every person’s shoulder there are two angels. They are known as KIRAMAN KATIBIN (the noble scribes). They write down every deed from a person’s first day to their last.”  This wonderful book is written in very simple rhyming prose and with absolutely amazing illustrations by the talented Omar Burgess. This is Razana’s third book and I […]

Book Review: The Wonderous Web


The Wondrous Web is Razana Noor’s second publication. You can read a review of her first book A Whale of a Wish on this link. I am liking Razana’s approach and creativity in creating well known Islamic stories  from a different perspective. My first reaction to this book was that the illustrations of the spider is […]

Book Review: Oddsockosarus


Z and Little R are huge fans of dinosaurs so when I received this book by Zanib Mian to review I was excited. Z found the title Oddsockasaurus hilarious, as he related very well to the wearing of odd socks. Both boys are familiar to playing with new words and making up their own dinosaur names, so […]

Book Review: A Whale of a Wish


I remember hearing The story of Prophet Yunus (pbuh) or Jonah as he is known in the bible, for the first time as a child and how awestruck I was at the idea that a man survived after being swallowed whole by a whale. My dad always told us this story to demonstrate that with […]

Book Review: It Must Have Been You!


   It Must Have Been You is a children’s picture book written by Zanib Mian and illustrated by her sister Fatima Mian. I love that this book is a team effort of two siblings. This is a quirky, rhyming story of a cute little girl who unintentionally makes a mess everywhere she goes through her […]

Book Review: Mornings in Jenin by Susan Abulhawa


I have had a hard time trying to review this book because it affected me on so many emotional levels. I almost feel like I am betraying the characters to say how much I enjoyed this book just because it was such an intense insight into a part of the world I knew so little […]

Book Review: The Gifts of imperfect parenting


If you’ve been following me on Facebook, then you may have noticed that I have been quoting Brenè Brown quite a lot I stumbled across this audiobook and have been hooked ever since, she really does talk my kinda parenting language! And so of course I just had to write a review! Sharing your imperfections […]

Book Review: Cinderella an Islamic Tale


Every child and adult has undoubtedly read or watched some version of Cinderella, the well known story of a girl who is left at the mercy of her wicked stepmother and spoiled stepsisters. That is until one day her fairy godmother helps her go to the Ball where she meets the charming prince. Well… here […]

Book Review: Goodnight Moon

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    There are so many books out there that I want to read, that I typically don’t reread books unless they’re my absolute favorites. Of course, there are about 100 books that I consider my absolute favorites, and I add to that list weekly. This book is just very addictive for kids and adults […]

Book Review: The Magic Words


The Magic Words is bedtime story primarily targeted at Muslim children ( age range 3- 7).In the opening page of the book Lisha writes: To all Muslim children from across the globe, whose thirst for captivating, value-oriented stories inspired me to write The Magic Words… The book tells a story of a little girl called […]

Book Review : Zero and One Kathryn Otoshi

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  I’ve been a bit slack in reviewing books recently…SO in light of World Book Day here in UK , I have drawn up TWO book reviews by the same author. I’ve only just recently discovered Kathryn Otoshi. I LOVE LOVE her books. I hope you will enjoy them too   About the book  Zero […]

Book Review: The Gift of Motherhood 10 Truths for Every Mother


Author of the phenomenally successful If Life is a Game, These are the Rules, Cherie Carter-Scott, Ph.D., is widely hailed as the premier expert on personal coaching. Her profound insight and realistic, encouraging guidance have inspired countless people to make critical changes to achieve success and live truly fulfilling lives. Throughout her career, Carter-Scott has risen […]

Book Review: Sorrow to Serenity – 11 Ways to help a mother find peace through the pain of child loss


   Sorrow to Serenity, Written by Hafizah Ismail who is the founder of Children Of Jannah, gives 11 powerful ways to help a mother find peace through the pain of child loss. Hafizah Ismail draws on her experience as a life coach and Muslim speaker to outline spiritual and practical steps based on Islamic teachings that […]

Book Review: Traditional Muslimah Homemaker: Thoughts Of A Domestic Darling

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  You may remember I did a review of Ameera Rahim’s first book right here. Well Ameera has already published her second book : Traditional Muslimah Homemaker: Thoughts Of A Domestic Darling. This current book is again easy to read, written with great thought and flow. As in her first book, Ameera’s passion for homemaking […]

Book Review: The Saffron Kitchen


Yasmin Crowther’s novel, split between London and Iran, traces the journey a mother and daughter make to close the distance between their lives. A tragic accident begins the tale, unraveling life-as-usual for Maryam and her daughter Sara. When Maryam hits her nephew Saeed (who, following the death of his mother in Iran, now lives in […]

Book review: Reclaim Your Heart

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Yasmin Mogahed holds a very special place in my heart, as I’m sure she does for thousands of Muslims around the world. If you’ve ever attended her lectures or listened to her talks on, you will be familiar with how humble, gracious and affecting her words can be. Her recently published book, Reclaim Your […]

Book review: Discipline without Disrespecting

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    This is an excellent parenting e-book written by Grandma Jeddah. For those who have not come across Grandma Jeddah,  here is a very brief synopsis of who she is: In 1977 during her youth, Grandma Jeddah moved to Los Angeles, California and attended University of Southern California. During her sophomore year, she converted to […]

The Butterfly Mosque: A Young Women’s Journey to Love and Islam


“The Butterfly Mosque,” a memoir by part-time Seattleite G. Willow Wilson, who writes the story of her decision to convert to Islam, her move to Cairo and her falling in love and marriage to a young Egyptian teacher. Here is a quick summary of her book. “In college, Wilson (who today divides her time between […]

Book Review: Journey Of A Muslimah Homemaker: Spirituality In Homemaking

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I saw and heard about this book online, few people were posting about it. Now, anyone who knows me will tell you that I am not exactly a domestic goddess. Don’t get me wrong, I take pride in keeping my house clean and presentable. But that’s as far as I’d go in terms of being […]