Book Review: The Wonderous Web

The Wondrous Web is Razana Noor’s second publication. You can read a review of her first book A Whale of a Wish on this link. I am liking Razana’s approach and creativity in creating well known Islamic stories  from a different perspective.


My first reaction to this book was that the illustrations of the spider is just oozing with absolute cuteness! Rahima Begum has once again delivered with her very talented brush strokes. Did I mention she is one of my favourite illustrator?

The Wondrous Web tells the story of the spider who spun a web whilst our beloved Prophet (pbuh) and his best friend Abu Bakr  hid in a cave fleeing from Makkah.  As a child I remember finding the story enchanting and magical that a tiny little spider had saved the life of a great man.


 This well loved story is presented in a very colourful,fun and enjoyable way. The author has simplified and made it very appealing for young readers with it’s rhythmic text.

The illustrations throughout the book are just magnificent and really bring the story to life with immaculate details and glorious colours.

Children will learn many lessons from our hero the spider, with his determination ‘To give the needy a helping hand’, he shows us that through faith and prayer you can achieve anything and that God answers our prayers when we least expect it.

I like that the author has included a very simple duaa towards the end of the book which ties in perfectly with the story.

Another aspect of the book I really enjoyed and so did Z and Little R was the fun facts about spiders. It made my boys laugh that spiders do not have ears or nose! Z was motivated to look for more facts about spiders after reading the story.


 I think this is a well thought out story and one that my children will cherish for years to come. I am looking forward to Razana’s next publication.






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