Book Review: Oddsockosarus

Z and Little R are huge fans of dinosaurs so when I received this book by Zanib Mian to review I was excited.

Z found the title Oddsockasaurus hilarious, as he related very well to the wearing of odd socks. Both boys are familiar to playing with new words and making up their own dinosaur names, so imagine their utter delight at discovering a book that does just that.


It is obvious that the author has experience of 6 year old boys as this book truly sums up Z perfectly!

Oddsockasaurus is written from the perspective of a 6 yr old boy who feels that he might be better understood by dinosaurs.The author explores the moods and behaviours of a 6 year old boy, defining them as a particular species of dinosaur, each page introduces us to a new dinosaur and his characterisation of it. For example, Whyceratops occurs when he has a lot of questions. When he is a Cheekyodon his underpants find themselves on the head of his sister’s teddy bear, and a Readabookadocus because he loves to read books.

Initially I did wonder whether this book might be a little old for Little R who is 4 yrs old. There were some names he didn’t understand such as the Philosopheraptor and it was quite difficult to get my tongue around the pronunciation. Having said that, it is a much smoother read the second time round!

What I really liked about this book was the variety of behaviours that it introduced and putting a funny twist on them which generates a good discussion.

Little R was able to tell me which dinoasaur he thought he was like, namely the Fastosaurus Rex as he likes riding his scooter and we talked about how he might be some of the others.


 He insisted that he was the Mudiraptor and that he was definitely not Loudatrops (I beg to differ).

The illustrations of our 6 year old hero wearing his different suits of dinosaur are beautiful and they bring to life his depictions. The added details, such as the wonky sock and the definitive expression provoked lots more discussion.


The fact that this book was THE choice for bedtime reading for a whole week speaks volumes. Z even slept with it under his pillow and read it again in the mornings. So thumbs up for Oddsockosourus from Z and Little R.

Although the book is predominantly about a 6 year old boy, it will undoubtly appeal to girls as well.

I would advice adults to read the book first before reading it to your child as some of the names are difficult to pronounce and this will make sure you have a smoother read without stumbling on words.

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