Book Review: My Special Angels The Two Noble Scribes

My Special Angels“Beside every person’s shoulder there are two angels. They are known as KIRAMAN KATIBIN (the noble scribes). They write down every deed from a person’s first day to their last.” 

This wonderful book is written in very simple rhyming prose and with absolutely amazing illustrations by the talented Omar Burgess. This is Razana’s third book and I have to say each book is better than its predecessors. I was very eager to read My Special Angels to my two boys. We often talk about angels and the roles they play in our lives. The book definitely opened up talking points and LOTS and LOTS of questions :)


The book introduces each of the Noble Scribe in turn and gives just enough examples of ‘good deeds’ and ‘bad deeds’ for a child to remain engaged with the book. I would say the length of the book and the pace of the narrative has been pitched perfectly for ages 3-7 years old, although I do think children of any age would  treasure this lovely book and will return to it time and time again.


 Young readers will instantly connect with the playful, cheeky character in this book as well as the difficult situations only children can get into. Through the actions of the character, Razana manages to get the reader to think about what they may or may not do in such a situation. The overall message of this book to it’s young readers is to take ‘control of their thoughts and actions.’

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 With Ramadan only weeks away and in equipping ourselves in our journey to raise conscientious Muslim children; My Special Angels The Two Noble Scribes is a must have for any household and it’s little people.

My Special Angels The Two Noble Scribes  is available from Kube Publishers and also from Amazon

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