Book Review: Kolla Kolla

As we draw close to the end of this Blessed month of Ramadan, I reflect on all the blessings I’ve had, specially the publication of my friend, Ferdousi Rahman’s first children’s picture book.

I will never forget the morning me and my five friends had planned to have a simple meet up at my house, only to be utterly surprised with Ferdousi’s announcement of Kolla Kolla. Our reaction? total disbelief at first (well for a few seconds at least)… which then erupted into squeels of joy followed by sheer excitement with lots of hugs and shouts of congratulations and prayers for success.  All this in the confinement of my humble kitchen…. after all, a kitchen is the best place for great accomplishments  (in this case it had to be celebrated without food as it was the fifth day of Ramadan lol).


Kolla Kolla in my kitchen :)

I cannot begin to express the magnitude of this achievement I felt for my friend. What an honour to  share such a moment, needless to say that, Kolla Kolla, is all we discussed for rest of the day… and over texts :D

So, are you ready to meet Kolla Kolla?


Meet Kolla Kolla

Kolla Kolla is a funny little boy who wants to do lots of funny things like cuddle a fish at nap time. Kolla Kolla loves laughing and has lots of fun remembering Allah by learning simple daily Islamic words.  His curly dishevelled hair and cool glasses make him a very memorable character. Kolla Kolla is aimed at children between the ages of 3- 6 and is written in very easy and simple to follow text.

The illustrations are a delight, however, I would like to see more of Ferdousi’s hand drawn illustrations, I know she is a fantastic artist so I hope she showcases more of her detailed drawings in her next book (Yes! there are more books in the pipeline yay!!!).

Kolla Kolla has definitely won over my two boys. While reading the book both boys were in fits of giggles and endless laughter, they could very much relate to all the funny, cheeky and unexpected things  Kolla Kolla gets up to.

When I revealed who had created this ‘very fun’ book, Z (6 years old) was absolutely beside himself, “What! Ferdousi Khala (aunty) is an author AND an illustrator?!!!

When the book was read to my nieces of similar ages to Z and Little R, the response was very much the same and just as positive.


Z’s drawing of ‘funny’ Kolla Kolla

I think Kolla Kolla will make a very fun and enjoyable Eid present for those little people in your life, you can purchase directly from Darusalam or from Blackstone Bookstore in Whitechapel, East London. This is a Limited Edition for Eid so hurry and grab your copy before they are all gone!

If you would like to know more about the author, Ferdousi Rahman, you can follow her on facebook, Twitter and also on Instagram. Ferdousi is also available to do book reading sessions with children, she includes British Sign Language of the key Islamic phrases used throughout the book in such sessions which have been received greatly  by  both parents and children. You can email her at

I wish Ferdousi all the best with her book, may it be a huge success!

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