2014: Be fierce, but flexible

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2014 looks like it’s going to be a big year for me. This Mama’s ship has been navigating through some stormy weather recently and the way ahead looks equally challenging.

So we are well into the third week of the New Year — and while I don’t tend to make resolutions I have, however been thinking over how I can best keep my own head up above the strong waters, with all the changes coming up. And I have come to the conclusion that the coming year requires me to do TWO things.

I need to be ‘fierce’ To deal with all the challenges and the hardships and the curveballs of the coming months, I will need to channel my most daring self.

My inspiration or phrase for 2014: “Be fierce, but flexible.”

It can be easy to give up. It can be easy to get started on a goal or any kind of venture and hit a wall and say, “See, this just wasn’t meant to be.” What a mistake! Be strong. Success comes to the strong and the brave. Success comes to those that hit a wall and say, “That was a good learning experience.” Learn from it and move on.

Be fierce in your goals and dreams and yet flexible on the journey. Be willing to alter the course that you use to get where you want to be. We are learners. Seekers, we are works in progress. Each day we will grow and learn new things. Just because you thought things had to be done one way, they can be done other ways to still get the same result. I have seen “Be fierce, but flexible” show up in so many ways in my own life.

So from Today, I will not pay much attention to rigid goals, but instead focus more on the process than the end result. I will “Be Fierce and Flexible.”
When we loosen our grip on expectations, we can take the focus off of how things are supposed to end up, what we think other people will think, and make room to notice the unexpected joys and successes.

This year I will Be Fierce and Flexible with …

1. Letting go and reclaiming my heart – because there will always be hardships and storms but I can have ease within the hardship. That sanctuary is inside me.

2. Not letting obstacles deter me from my faith.

3. Not become vengeful with people who have hurt but instead have a big heart and pray for the other person.

Whether it’s business or personal development, growth can be frustrating when it’s not happening as fast as you imagined it would. So I will be fierce in my commitment to grow, but flexible when it comes to the direction and methods. Trying something new is not giving up and growing in another way besides rapidly up is not failure.

5. Not Give Up!
Though we pass through many difficulties in life, we should not give up because LIFE is not about what you couldn’t do so far, it’s about what you can still do so never give up.

And so, insha Allah (God willing), dear 2014, I will be.

Do you have any words that will inspire you in the coming year? Have you made any resolutions? What do you think of being Fierce, but Flexible?

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