Mama’s Top 10 Tips for You


Welcome to our first Guest post of ‘ ‘Mamas Top 10 Tips for You’ by Ayan Mohamed From Beauty Wednesday. Week 1: Cleansers Cleansers often need to be multipurpose and work effectively and efficiently without leaving our skin dry and feeling taught. I love making cleansers with natural ingredients as part of my daily skincare […]

10 Simple Ways to Teach Your Child to Read: Week 4


Week 4 Identify environmental print Environmental Print is the print of everyday life: The symbols, signs, numbers, and colours found in McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, 7-Up etc offer excellent starting points for young children to begin to learn to read, write, and do math. Children have a concrete connection to everyday print. They “read” it within […]

Mother’s Monday Morning Motivation


Good morning! Peace and blessings to all. Another new day, another week. It’s important to start our week in a positive light and everything else will follow suit. Here is some great ways to kick start our week: Start your day by seeking your Lords blessings through your righteous deeds: 1. Read one page of […]

A Muslimah’s Divorce Dilemma


DIVORCE. It’s another one of those topics people don’t like to discuss. Specially if you are a Muslim and even more so if you are an Asian. But like other taboo issues, not talking about it doesn’t mean it does not exist within this community. “Your wives are a garment for you, and you are […]

Book Review: Cinderella an Islamic Tale


Every child and adult has undoubtedly read or watched some version of Cinderella, the well known story of a girl who is left at the mercy of her wicked stepmother and spoiled stepsisters. That is until one day her fairy godmother helps her go to the Ball where she meets the charming prince. Well… here […]

10 Simple Ways to Teach Your Child to Read: Week 3


Books to the ceiling. Books to the sky. My pile of books is a mile high. How I love them! How I need them! I’ll have a long beard by the time I read them. ~ Arnold Lobel Week 3 Be a Reading Role Model The best role models are in the home and includes […]

To My Misunderstood Toddler


I came across this poem on Facebook on the page The Single Crunch. It really reflected exactly how I feel and have felt when my kids went through the toddler stage. *************************   They say my toddler acts like a baby They say my toddler acts like a baby because she still sleeps with me. […]

Mother’s Monday Morning Motivation


Live with honesty A commitment to honesty puts the power of truth on your side. Honesty expands your options and gives durability to your relationships. Being honest with others compels you to be honest with yourself. And it is only when you are honest with yourself that you can fulfill your awesome positive possibilities. Deceit […]

Book Review: Goodnight Moon

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    There are so many books out there that I want to read, that I typically don’t reread books unless they’re my absolute favorites. Of course, there are about 100 books that I consider my absolute favorites, and I add to that list weekly. This book is just very addictive for kids and adults […]

Book Review: The Magic Words


The Magic Words is bedtime story primarily targeted at Muslim children ( age range 3- 7).In the opening page of the book Lisha writes: To all Muslim children from across the globe, whose thirst for captivating, value-oriented stories inspired me to write The Magic Words… The book tells a story of a little girl called […]

Bubble Wrap Fun!


This post is inspired by my two boys Yesterday we luckily came across a whole roll of bubble wrap. Can you imagine the boys delight ( ehem…maybe mine as well ) If your kids are like mine, they love popping bubble wrap. But there are lots of other great things you and the kids can […]

10 Simple Ways to Teach your Child to Read: Week 2


  Week 2 Asking Questions “Reading aloud with children is known to be the single most important activity for building the knowledge and skills they will eventually require for learning to read.” ~Marilyn Jager Adams Our main priority in teaching children to read is for them to comprehend WHAT they are reading. Even children who […]

My Reflections on Mother’s Day


As Muslims we do not mark a particular day as Mothers Day. We believe everyday is our Mother’s Day. We are instructed to treat our mothers with utmost respect and dignity: “We have enjoined on man kindness to his parents; in pain did his mother bear him, and in pain did she give him birth” […]

Mother’s Monday Morning Motivation

Stop Complaining

  Before you complain Whenever we complain about something negative , we reinforce connection with that negativity. A much better strategy is to come up with a positive alternative, and then to act on it. Instead of merely reinforcing what is wrong, you have an opportunity to change the situation for the better. The next […]

Thoughts on International Women’s Day


    There are many things to be thankful for as a woman this International Women’s Day. Personally, I am grateful for my education, access to first world health care, and the wonderful position I’m in, as a woman, to express myself openly and freely online (through Mothers Notebook and social media) without ever having […]

Book Review : Zero and One Kathryn Otoshi

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  I’ve been a bit slack in reviewing books recently…SO in light of World Book Day here in UK , I have drawn up TWO book reviews by the same author. I’ve only just recently discovered Kathryn Otoshi. I LOVE LOVE her books. I hope you will enjoy them too   About the book  Zero […]

10 Simple Ways to Teach your Child to Read : Week1

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Week 1  READ TO YOUR CHILD ‘Children are made readers on the laps of their parents’     Teaching your child to read is a process that literally begins at infancy. Begin to read to your child as soon as you can. At just a few months of age, an infant can look at pictures, listen to your voice, and […]

Introducing 10 Simple Ways to Teach your Child to Read


    I want my children to love and enjoy reading. The advantages of reading are obvious but the benefits for those who enjoy reading are endless. Learning to read involves much more than just recognising letters and sounds. Despite what anyone thinks. Learning to read does not begin in the classroom. It quite literally […]

Mother’s Monday Morning Motivation


Good Morning! Wishing you all a great Monday and a wonderful start to the week. In life we are always faced with challenges. Here are some motivational quotes to inspire you to over come them. Also some great tips at the end…so make sure you scroll all the way to the end!       […]