Becoming a Patient Parent


I love our recent Facebook thread asking the question, “What is your biggest challenge as a parent?” (November 23rd)… so I thought I’d continue the conversation here… I’d have to say “yes” to pretty much every answer. I think many of us feel overwhelmed by the responsibilities we have as parents to raise happy, emotionally […]

Amazing Mothers: 60 lessons My Mom Taught Me

"What we love we shall grow to resemble."

On my mom’s birthday — today! — it’s hard for me not to reflect on what an amazing person she is. Not everyone is lucky to have a mother and few are lucky to have a mother like mine. As with most people, I have a few people in my life who really inspire me, […]

Me Time Monday: What happened to ‘Me Time’


So how is ‘Me Time’ coming along mummies? Well I cannot say I have had any Me Time last week due to both my kids being struck down with Flu. By the end of a very hectic week with crying, whining, screaming, endless tantrums, throwing up…and other accidents I feel like taking a day or […]

Book Review: The Saffron Kitchen


Yasmin Crowther’s novel, split between London and Iran, traces the journey a mother and daughter make to close the distance between their lives. A tragic accident begins the tale, unraveling life-as-usual for Maryam and her daughter Sara. When Maryam hits her nephew Saeed (who, following the death of his mother in Iran, now lives in […]

Me Time Monday: Oh the joy of reading!


Monday:  the start of the week and a hectic rush towards the weekend. It’s also the time when we like to plan a bit of time for ourselves in the middle of a busy few days with our regular Me Time Monday feature. This week I followed my own advice and took myself to bed early one evening […]

Amazing Mothers: A Mother’s Sacrifice during the China Earthquake


    A true Story of Mother’s Love! This is a true story of Mother’s Sacrifice during the China Earthquake. After the Earthquake had subsided, when the rescuers reached the ruins of a young woman’s house, they saw her dead body through the cracks. But her pose was somehow strange that she knelt on her knees […]

I am reading…


For the  past few nights, I lay awake as the gory images coming out of Gaza filled my mind. Tears pooled in my eyes but would not come out. as I lay on my bed safe and warm, the face of an 11-month-old boy killed by the attacks appeared. His tiny body could have been […]

Amazing Mothers: Never Lost, Never Forgotten


One can’t “escape” to Facebook  tonight for down time…. the horrific images and news feed coming in about Gaza and Syria is overwhelming. I can only think of the parents who have to mourn together the loss of their child or even children. My heart breaks when I see these images and read the stories… Our children […]

Book review: Reclaim Your Heart

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Yasmin Mogahed holds a very special place in my heart, as I’m sure she does for thousands of Muslims around the world. If you’ve ever attended her lectures or listened to her talks on, you will be familiar with how humble, gracious and affecting her words can be. Her recently published book, Reclaim Your […]

Amazing Mothers: Stories of love, awe and inspiration


  My mum is the greatest mum in the world because she has managed to put up with me for fifteen years. I know how difficult I am to live with and if I was her I wouldn’t cope. So much has happened to my mum, my dad used to have affairs while she was […]

Me Time Monday: A Relaxing Bath


Take a Bath. This may sound pretty basic (and it is) but when was the last time you took a bath? This is an amazing way to relax and indulge in the comfort of your home. You can also create a mini-spa experience with candles, your favorite bath scrub. Really think make it a home […]

10 Super Power Every Mother Has


This may sound crazy… but I’m starting to believe its true. Mothers have super powers. They can leap tall buildings in a single bound; they can burn inanimate objects with their gazes; and they can be teleported to any particular place at any given moment. Well ok..not really. But as mothers we do possess some […]

Book review: Discipline without Disrespecting

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    This is an excellent parenting e-book written by Grandma Jeddah. For those who have not come across Grandma Jeddah,  here is a very brief synopsis of who she is: In 1977 during her youth, Grandma Jeddah moved to Los Angeles, California and attended University of Southern California. During her sophomore year, she converted to […]

Teaching Toddlers To Share – 5 Tips For Beating Possessiveness

Does this describe your toddler?

      Teaching toddlers to share is no easy task! Take it from a mother of three. ‘mine!’ is pretty much one of their favourite words at this age! experience will tell you that it does help to understand the reason behind their reluctance to share can help you deal with things. I have […]

The Competitive Mum Syndrome


Being a parent can be challenging. Many people have said that it’s one of the toughest jobs you will ever have. After giving birth to three children (a mum who still fully admits to being very mildly clueless at times), I can wholeheartedly agree with this sentiment. One thing I have started to notice, as my children […]