Bookmark Bijoux 2

My daughter's favourite is the butterfly with lace ribbon.
 Which one is your favourite?

A while back I posted about how to make simple book marks using old jewllary and ribbon. Check it out here if you have not read this post yet! Well me and my daughter have been busy making these bookmarks. We made some last Eid for our family and relatives, I thought I would post […]

Letter to the Unfulfilled Wife


This is an article I came across on Often our role as a mother and wife can get overwhelming, I think this is quite normal in a marriage but sometimes we do reach rock bottom. This article really is uplifting and very inspiring if you are feeling just so right now. I MAY not know you. […]

Dear Humans…


Came across this wonderful quote via A Muslimah Writes

The Butterfly Mosque: A Young Women’s Journey to Love and Islam


“The Butterfly Mosque,” a memoir by part-time Seattleite G. Willow Wilson, who writes the story of her decision to convert to Islam, her move to Cairo and her falling in love and marriage to a young Egyptian teacher. Here is a quick summary of her book. “In college, Wilson (who today divides her time between […]

10 ways to help your toddler settle into nursery


Yes… It’s that time of year…my second child has started nursery. Although I have been through this ‘first’ with my older child I still felt anxious and quite emotional. As a mother of three children I can safely say that every ‘firsts’ that you have with your child is sure to be a nervous and […]

Tips to survive your child’s first day at school


When my first child started nursery, I remember how distraught I felt. If your child’s raring for his first day at school but you’re feeling nervous about waving goodbye, follow these tips to help you feel as brave as your child… Your child may be feeling less nervous about his first day at school than you are! […]

Toddler Speech Delay


As a teacher in early years I have seen quite a few children with speech delays. Actually, I have taught children as old as 6 years with speech delay. I know as parents we eagerly await our children’s first words, so it can be disappointing — and worrisome — if they’re slow to come. I […]

Quick Recipe #4


These look so delicious.. hollow out your banana, dip the end in melted chocolate and roll in nuts/sprinkles, fill with peanut butter/caramel.. I’m definitely giving these a go  ;-)